Why choose a doula?

My role as a birth doula is to create a safe space and empower women to have a positive birth experience. I work as a team with the birthing woman, her partner and her caregivers. I support the birthing woman's choices and listen to her desires. During our prenatal visits, I will help you create your birthplan, and set up important support systems prior to the birth of your baby. Some areas that women may like to focus on for building up their support are: Wellness, exercise, nutritional support, community support and mom’s groups, lactation/feeding support, meditation and spiritual practice.

As a postpartum doula I provide non-judgmental guidance and evidence based support around newborn developmental stages, recovery from birth and the journey into parenting. I can be a resource for you with a network of referrals, or a helping hand as you adjust and create new support systems during this special time.

You deserve to be supported through this journey.